Revision of the payment system / description of the current payment system.

Hello friends!
We are currently revising our payment system. In short: it will be simpler and (hopefully) self-explanatory. We would like to explicitly thank you for the numerous feedbacks and try to fully consider your suggestions and food for thought. As much as we meant well with the credit system (i.e. to protect our users as best as possible from fraud by non-payers and non-suppliers), we also realized that the payment process is currently too cumbersome. As a community-oriented project that is still in the start-up phase, we hope for your understanding and especially for your patience. We are constantly working on improving the site to give you the space the collector community deserves after the Facebook restrictions of the last time. And slowly but surely, the red wine-soaked joke from the other day ("Rome wasn't programmed in a day either!") is becoming our new company motto... ;)

Until the final change of the payment process, we would like to explain the current one to you once again to avoid further misunderstandings. Just press "Read more".

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